Welcome to eTech Ohio

This wiki was set up for staff of WMS to use as a guide if considering going to eTech 2014 (or any of the ISTE conferences) and as a place to hold resources that I thought might be valuable to our students and staff.

There are pages dedicated to some of the sessions or a group of similar questions.

I spent time in the Exhibit --which is always fun to see new products, software etc. I spent some time with our vendors--OnMedia and Follett--working on some glitches (if they weren't busy) and how we can expand what we are doing at WMS.

I love lego robotics--would like to get Tech Club started into some engineering tech!!

I also spent time with vendors getting some info on LCD infomation for district IT.

You also get to play with new products--love some of the smart stuff! I can't wait to get some new stuff when we renovate!

Last part to mention is networking. Conference gives me an opportunity to network with others--they are not all tech coordinators--most are classroom teachers, some post 12 educators and some media specialists. I have made some good contacts that I use virtually!

Getting Boys to Read with Technology
Presenter: Dan Verdick

I was disappointed in this session--thus I did not give it-it's own page. ABDO sales pitch for books--mostly for graphic novels. He had a little resrearch on graphic novels. Nothing new in this session to me.