This presentation was by staff of Baberton Middle School

This was a great presentation of how to use QR Codes in the Classroom. Various teachers presented how they use it in their middle school! In books for furhter reading, digital year books, learning centers in the classroom and just for fun!! This school had a mobile box of ipods with camera for use in the classroom--we can use the iPads for this great project!
Here are some of the resources they suggested and a couple of my own to get you started. Fun!

QR Code Blog This blog page gives a good introduction into QR Coces
Another QR Code Blog This one gives you step by step lessons for using QR Codes
QR Voice This one gives a voice to the scan when it is scanned--so cool
Vacarro is a voice record that can be embedded

QR Classroom Treasure Hunt This would be fun if kids had devices in their hands.
QR Bookmarklet This will create a QR code for any webpage with just one click