Presenters: Me (Karen Reiber) and 6 awesome Middle School Students

When I heard the conference theme was: Equip, Engage and Empower--I knew I had to bring students!! This is what I do with my Tech Club Students!
1.Basics of Tech Club--types of activities, agenda of meetings purpose and how this spills over into the classroom.
2. Vidoe Announcements: Students presented on Scripting, Filming, Editing, Greenscreening, Web 2.0 Tools and uploading to Cowboy Tube.
I then talked about they use communication skills , train students in equip and tools, and talked about copyright and royalty free pictures and music.

Here is the link to the presentation:

We presented from a Glog. A great presentation tool. We shot some green screen footage for demo and had drawings!
It was a great experience for me and for the students.

Being a presenter--if you are considering it, gets you three days admission FREE to Ohio eTech.