Mash Labs
This area of the conference is set up for interactive displays both by educators and students.

2013 Mash Lab

The Fab Lab Trailer was really fascinating because this is in the works for our school when we open back up

after our renovation. The presenters at this display were students from Cleveland School District--they were

extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the math and engineering skills they are gaining. They

brought a laser cutter with them--they talked about how they program it and shared some products that they

have produced--like two foot snowflakes. Another interesting point these students talked about was the hands

on learning--FabLab is very engaging.

I took two girls from WMS in to see this display and two girls from Cleveland Schools talked to them about

how important it is to have girls going into engineering.

You Will Rise Project was a display of stories/poems, art, sculpture, multimedia and a hands-on-acitvity.

The focus of this display was to give voice to those who are bullied. The statistic they used was 70% of

students have been bullied--that is a really sad statistic. There were online resources but I felt most were

geared to high school students.

ODOT Distraction Driving Simulator--this was a display by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Our

students really enjoyed "playing with this" simulator. I think it might be wasted on middle school kids but this

might be a great device to bring out to the high school. It focused on the fact that you can not multitask and

fully attend to driving. The film would temporarily blurr, or have a blank screen momentarily while texting and

then the person who was driving would try and recover without wrecking the car.

Chamberlain College of Nursing--had a woman in labor simulator. The mannequin was breathing, her eyes
moved, and she and her inutero baby had hard beats. On the computer they could run simulator for a normal
birth (complete with breathing techniques and screaming) or could make the baby have distress. This would
be a great hands on, critical thinking and decision making tool.
COSI, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Metroparks Zoo- all had displays and how they can interact with teachers and students both on site and virtually. I had seen these before but our students did want to explore these displays/booths.