Monday's Speaker
Heather Clayton Staker

Bio: she works for a non-profit think tank. She works on applying theories of disruptive innovation to problems in the social sector. What a crazy description that is!

Speech: Facing a Future of K-12 Blended Learning. She spent a lot of time comparing old technology in the business world to present day and how today's technology has transformed that business. Then she got the blended learning part that was very fascinating. I think one of the striking facts she gave out is that by 2019 50% of all high school learning will not be in the classroom. If we don't move in that direction we are going to be behind! She then spent some talking about emerging models in education. She talked about Flipped Classrooms--which we know a lot about to Flex and Individual Rotations that were new terms to me. What I like about this keynote is that it gives direction to where education is going and how technology fits into that model. Not replacing educators just changing how we teach and how students learn.

Tuesday's Speaker
Max Brooks

Bio: He is a former teacher and is currently employed with Discovery Education.

Speech: Show and Tell Not Just for 2nd Graders
I have met Max Books before at DE events. I like him as a speaker because he is very humorous and that he uses a lot of practical examples in his presentations--grant you they are all from Discovery Education but our school is subcribes to DE. He used a couple of tools that I really liked: Todays Meet for backchaneling. I have used this tool before--I hope to use this at an upcoming teacher staff meeting. He also used a tool called Answer Garden. I thought this was a really cool tool where you can ask a questions and then the audience/students can respond--it is a way to build anwers or poll students. Mahara ePortfolio which is open source. I think I might like to look into this a little more.

Max showed some creative ways to use these tools and incorporating things from DE too.