Hot Technology Tools for All Learners

The presenter was: Ron Rogers he is from Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence.

Mr. Rogers had a lot of tools that assisst with differentiation.

He presented from this wiki: E-Tech Conference 2013 All resources can be used by others. :)

Some of the tools that I thought could be useful at WMS:

Todays Meet This is a back channeling tool--that means you can have conversations going on while the

presentation is going on. Can use for questions or conversations.

ClassDoJo is a tool that can help teachers manage classroom behaviors by foucsing on the positives. A

high school teacher sat next to me who said she uses it in high school with students very successfully.

Study Blue is a tool for making digital flash cards.

Gingersoftware is great website for students who struggle with writing--he gave the example of using with


Read Lists is an interesting tool. You can take web articles, recipes class materials and package them into

an eBook that can be read on a iPad, iPhone or Kindle. Cool concept!

Doodle is a way to find a common meeting date for a group of people.

Spiderscribe is a crazy mindmapping tool. Not free.

Podomatic free podcasting tool.

He has a lot more on his wiki so if you like these check out his wiki listed at top of page.