I attended three different sessions on this topic since this is where our district is heading.

1:1, Implementation Timeline: Focus on Student Performance
Presenter: Roger Minier --he works with NOET in professional development. He also teaches online graduate courses at Bowling Green.

He had a great handout a timeline for help districts implement their 1:1. The 1:1 and Blended Learning as a preparation for Common Core, online assessments, 21st century skills for college, career and life!!!

This timeline I am going to take to Mike and hopefully pass it on to someone at the district level. We have been batting this around for so long but at some point we need to jump and get the PD started.

I am in contact with Roger for more information--starting with tech skills survey.

The Road to BYO
Presenters: Laura Koehne, IH Science Teacher and Arline Pique,IH Director of Technology

Indian Hill launched their BYO in the 2011-12 school year. This is a district that we are often compared with so I thought this would be a great session to attend. It went into great detail on the steps they used. What I really like about their session is when Laura spoke and she talked bout how her teaching has changed since she had PD and then implementation into her classroom.

I also like the term Digital Drivers License --how to prepare kids

Check out this above information from their session. This also includes their power point.

Prepping for BYOD/1:1 Five Crucial Steps to Win Parent, Teacher and Student Support
Presenter: Jean Mickelson Educator is Account Exec for Enterasys

Jean's presentation was more focused on how to get the support to launch on all levels--community, parents, teachers, and students.
She did not have an handout but I have also contacted her for surveys. :)

Interesting when she talked about cost--some kids (high school) will need a camera, a calculator (perhaps phone) if you added the price up on all of those you might as well have bought a computer that can do all of those.

She talked about extending library hours (even into the evening) for students who did not have internet access.

She also said you can not hide behind "good" (in our case--"great") test scores. This is not about testing--it is about quipping students for life.
Students in their lifetime will hold 10-15 different jobs in their lifetime. It is equipping them with technology skills that they can build on for the rest of thier lives. Students do need these 21st skills. How to post and respond using proper netiquitte. Preparing them for colleges and online learning.

I might he need students to develop their own Personal Learning Networks--this is where they will really start learning through other experts online.

I will pass around survey's if she sends them to me. All three were good sessions-each looking at different parts of this BYO or 1:1 Process!